We believe scientists change the world. Not politicians, not oligarchs, scientists do.

They create technologies that save peoples lives, make our life style more comfortable, improve our health and make us age later. Thanks to scientists work we are able to see entire world in a life time, understand each other better, communicate and most wise of us unite based on work for better world and added value.

We think scientists work (especially young ones) is undervalued by our government and society. Many laws need improvement, too many labs need new equipment, new people, new ideas. Modernization and innovative technologies are impossible without fundamental science in Russia.

Today bio science not only can bring a fortune to researchers but make ones life fuller, bring creativity beyond even art and make young scientist name legendary.

Join us! Apart from uniting on social media, we organize interesting conferences, events. We also help receiving funding for fundamental R&D and explain/explore some possible career paths in science in Russia.